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___&f a n t o m u i c o n s
g r a p h i x
2nd-Sep-2006 12:50 pm
Here is my resourses list.

.t e x t u r e s / p a t t e r n s
» colorfilter
» mata090680
» 77words
» tsukicon
» xonlyashesx
» sanami276
» mrs_spock
» sweartoshakeitup
» bruno's honeypot
» inxsomniax

.b r u s h e s
» 100x100_brushes
» ewanism
» sanami276
» 77words
» project zero
» miss m
» the fifth muse photoshop gallery
» DA

.s c a n s
» jrock_scans
» gazette_media
» gazette_daily
» xaliceninex
» merry_fans
» rawkstarr23

.s c r e e n c a p s
» j_caps

. f o n t s
» dafont
» fonts for peas

!See me using something you made and you are not listed? Then tell me so I can credit (*´∇`)ノ
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